Please find my credits listed below.

Year Show As Notes
2019 British AmericanTobacco CEO So Media
2019 Epic Music Videos CEO Camberwell Studios
2019 Colliers International Investor Colliers International
2019 Women who kill Singh Emporium Productions
2019 Secret Extensions Model The Jewellery Channel
2019 Diversey Moonbeam Nurse Rare Content Productions
2019 Pit Stop Productions Model Pit Stop Productions
2018 Strangers Sarah Sharman ITV
2018 GEP Mother and Child patient Tinker Taylor
2018 Cetuem Model The Jewellery Channel
2018 Emma Hardie Model Berlin
2018 Merumaya Model The Jewellery Channel
2018 Brakeburn Model The Jewellery Channel
2018 Family Law Mum Lore Sabau
2018 Neurodermatitis Patient Neuroscience
2018 Gul'nas / Rebel Nazeeha In Tune Media
2018 Holiday Inn Carla Purple Media
2018 Killing Kittens Presenter Fomo Studios
2018 Shape History. Com Model Shape History. Com
2018 Sainsbury Trading Manager Skylark Media/Kallidus
2018 NHS ad Receptionist The Creative Lab
2018 Ovarian Cancer Model Graceful Monkey
2018 Buying People Presents That are Really for Yourself Mum Third Leg Studios
2018 Pagans Anna Random Cat Pictures
2018 Macmillan Neighbour Spectrecom Films
2018 Jo Cox Foundation/ Create Against Hate/ Mince Pie Moments Mum Kitchen / Chi and Partnership
2018 Ogilvy Healthcare BI Model Damofilms
2018 Driver Rattling Stick
2018 Premier Inn Auntie Knucklehead/ Lucky Generals
2017 Keith Lemon Mum Talkback Productions
2017 Perkins Engines Presenter And productions
2017 BBC online news Office manager Grama films
2017 EY corp Office manager Marmalade films
2017 The Sun newspaper Wife The Sun
2017 Sacla Customer Daring Duke
2017 Frappachatta Peruvian woman Burger
2017 Oliver's Travels Mum Many minds Digital
2017 Dormeo matress Customer Responsive TV
2017 Ameriprise Customer Kit Oakes
2017 Xenovida Customer Origins In Motion
2017 The Loss Foundation Bereavement councillor Raw productions
2017 Direct Placements Presenter Oxygen Visuals
2017 Heart fm Gardener Mr President
2017 Currys Mother Isite tv
2017 Vanish Mother Oink
2016 River Island CEO Oracle Retail
2016 Expedia Presenter Egencia
2016 Ask Lloyds Bank Refuge manager Speakeasy Productions
2016 Nissan Leaf Car enthusiast Auto Trader
2016 Travis Perkins Emma Speakeasy Productions
2016 Royal Free Mother Royal Free
2016 Currys Christmas tv campaign Neighbour AMV
2016 Online Business School Wife Eclectic Motion
2016 Aviva Healthcare Wife Aviva
2016 Shark hoover Housewife SharkNinja
2016 Learning Curve Parminder Learning Curve
2016 Vanguard Graduate Picture Canning
2016 One Night In A Tokyo Hotel Hawaiian Lady Charing Cross Theatre
2016 50 Ways To Kill Your Lover Emilia Basil Thumbs Up Productions
2016 Behind Closed Doors Mother Exposure
2016 Honouring Stokeologists Nurse Catherine Turner Ltd
2016 XFM Forensics WCRS
2016 Medical scenarios Doctor RWMG Bespoke
2016 The Architects / Match Made In Heaven Mother Kode Media
2015 Theatre Tokens Jane Tiger Films
2015 The Chase Griselda Blanco World Media Rights
2015 Sainsburys Neighbour AMV
2015 World Health Organisation Health Minister Fletcher Wilson
2015 National Geographic Businesswoman IWC Media
2015 Coca Cola Mother Kode Media
2015 Barclays Citizenship Lens Business Manager BYG Systems
2015 BBC3 pilot Office manager Hat Trick Productions
2015 BT internet Mum BT
2015 Sensitive Issues in the Workplace Maria Inclusive Learning
2015 Restorative Justice Policewoman Catsnake Films
2014 Natwest Friend P for Production
2014 Hertfordshire City Council Presenter NTSH London
2014 Business solutions Presenter Business. Solutions
2014 5 hour energy Sue Adverto
2014 Holiday Inn Interviewee Ikonic films
2014 Jack Whitehall Tour Diner Wagon tv productions
2013 CAIA Image Bank Creative Independant
2013 Training Video Presenter Anson Reed
2013 Business Solutions Business PA Media Citizens
2013 The Attatchment Rebecca Morgan Black Eagle Films
2013 NHS Nottingham Carers Campaign Marie Blue Step Solutions
2013 Tesco Lamb Wife 2am
2013 Money Advice Service Presenter Two Four Productions
2013 Tesco Delivery Mother Tailwind Media
2013 Armadillo Buggy Mother Mammas and Pappas
2013 Wiltshire City Council Wife Diva Creative
2013 BBC3 Pilot Papparazzi BBC
2013 Matalan Model Atomized Tv
2012 The Worlds End Dancing Alien Blank Pictures
2012 Beauty Trimmer Model JML
2012 Belvia Shapewear Model JML
2012 Mister Dee Online Catalogue Model Mister Dee
2012 Social Care Programme Halima Khutan
2012 L&Q Housing Resident Inspector L&Q/ ESA Films Ltd
2012 Epilepsy Society Manager Epilepsy Society
2012 Exams Rebecca Saunders Queen Elizabeth Hospital
2011 John Carter On Mars Helium Alien Mistress Disney
2011 Sky Life Mother Sky / WCRS & Co
2011 RCGP Exams Rebecca Saunders Interact
2011 Odd One In Ms Tom Tom Zeppotron Ltd
2011 Nokia Training Video Customer Slinky Productions
2011 Diva Charlotte Passing Piranha Pictures
2011 The Visitor Seductress Filthy Beauty
2010 Solitary Dr Ryan Bournemouth University Productions
2010 HP Alcatel Lucent Boss Decisive Media
2010 Rising Sun Dr Javine Calnan-Adair New Tempus Films
2010 Interval Mrs Oberan Trademark Media
2010 Conspiracy Theory Good Secret Agent Company P
2010 Physical Anira Zed Productions
2010 South London Healthcare NHS Trust Patient Queen Elizabeth Education Centre
2010 No Smoke Without Fire Susan Twisted Frame Productions
2010 BAE Systems Archer Figment Productions
2010 I Can Put My Clothes On I Can Sam I Can Kids Ltd
2010 I Can Brush My Teeth I Can Sam I Can Kids Ltd
2009 British Heart Foundation Model British Heart Foundation
2009 I Can Wash My Hair Carer I Can Kids Ltd
2009 Bank on Baroda Girlfriend Feel Films
2009 Shattered Sandra NFS
2009 Presenter
2008 Coulda Woulda Shoulda Asian Fashion Designer London Dreams Motion Pictures
2008 Pot Noodle Receptionist Skillset Screen Academy
2008 The Early Days of Disco Chantalle Independent
2008 VW Tiguan Launch Customer Volkswagen
2007 Badjoy Prathiba Ahmed Hammersmith and Fulham Council
2007 London Zoo Anita Spectrum
2007 Internet Datee Videojug
2007 Blue Hellfire Nicola Saxon Films
2007 The House On Whispering Point Ingrid The Smug Theatre Group
2007 Intrnet dating show Virtual lady Endemol
2006 Vaseline Mosturising Lotion Model Origins Models
2006 Hub Song Elizabeth Vernet Jellicoe-Neville Arts
2006 Dagga Boogar Business woman Independant
2006 Monday Wife Independant
2006 Vivienne / loves lost Wife Independant
2006 Forbidden Sister Independant
2006 The Hunt Sienna BDS Films
2006 The Ungone Stewardess Tinder Films
2006 The Successor Chelsea Big T Media
2005 Shoot The Writers Lawyer ITV
2005 Cutting The Wire Wangari Mathi Jellicoe-Neville Arts
2004 Camp X-Ray,Ghosts of Guantanamo Private Sanchez Ghetto Vision Films
2004 A Mummy Unbound Alexandria Shock Horror Probe
2004 Max Power Live Model Fast and the Furious
2004 Travellers Tales Berly Gilroy Jellicoe Arts
2004 What a Wonderful World Daniela Blue Elephant Theatre Company
2004 Discovery Wings Aviation enthusiast Discovery Channel
2003 Dick Whittington Alice Chaplins Pantos
2003 Rashida A Time Out of Mind Magic Eye Theatre
2003 Mustapha Bossmans woman Paper Shades Pictures
2003 Dose Julie Host Media Centre
2003 Lovefool 32 Police Officer BBC Television
2003 Walia Dancer Surinder Whalia Productions
2003 Tariq Khan Dancer Music Minds
2003 XS Bass Dancer Music Minds
2003 Alternative London Fashion Week Model Kate LeHav,Illig-New York
2003 Ann Summers Model Partisan Productions
2002 Sex FM Jessie Face Front Theatre Company
2002 Moulin Rouge Dancer Vodaphone
2002 Cinderella Cinderella Chaplins Pantos
2002 Pam and Max Pam Ichi Productions
2002 The Ship Tahitian islander BBC Television
2002 Lovin Ibiza Lara Motion Picture House
2002 Triads,Yardies and Onion Bhajees Trudy Ghetto Vision Films
2002 Sunday Telegraph Businesswoman Sky TV
2002 Nationwide Learner Driver Radical Media
2001 Virgin Cowboys Karen Earl Street Productions
2001 J&B Whisky Model Chivas